Acetel Technologies: Enabling employees to hone business functions through SAP trainin

CIO Vendor ERP SAP has become an ideal software for most enterprises to run business process successfully. As it covers various areas of business such as Sales, HR, Finance, Costing, Production, CRM, SRM, Risk Management, and Process Integration and BI; SAP training has become a critical factor for success. For positions in any large or small organization, SAP skills increase the chances of selection during recruitment process. With an increase in adoption rate of SAP, the requirement for young professionals with SAP-skills also surge.
To fulfill ERP requirements of businesses, Noida based Acetel Technologies is positioned to consult and train on SAP based courses to applicants having qualifications in BCA, BBA, MBA, MCA or B.E or B.Tech. Acetel’s training curriculum combines business, academic and technical skills to enhance theoretical and practical implementation of SAP for numerous business functions. “Our SAP training module covers three levels, namely the awareness level, the technical level and the consultant level in various areas such as production, marketing, finance etc,” says Alok Varshney, Director of Acetel Technologies.
The company was established in 1998 for integration of Electrical & Civil services for International Clients. Further, in 2009, under the leadership of Varshney, Acetel Technologies tied up with SAP SE and bagged ERP education contract from the Department of Technical Education of Government of Rajasthan. The main objective of Acetel Technologies has been to create awareness on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and address IT needs through SAP training to government and Educational Institutes.

Enabling employees to hone business functions through SAP training

Along with its office in Noida and Lucknow, the company also has its representative offices in Hongkong, Singapore and Dubai. Over the years, Acetel has grown to provide telecom services, Geographical Information System (GIS) services along with ERP SAP training to various Universities and Government Institutes. SAP Training Program.
Acetel Technologies’ SAP uAcademy has been launched with a motive to enable applicants understand business functions through SAP, immediately after joining a company. The company provides training in the form of e-learning for Universities, Institutions and Enterprises. The training module encompasses SAP 01, MySAP ERP SAP and TERP 10 which gives an overview of SAP practices and consulting techniques along with theoretical knowledge. Technical SAP training ranges from a period of one month to five months. Along with online teaching facilities, voice chat, net meetings and web based chats with faculties are also organized on a frequent basis to clear doubts during and after the training period. Determined to take SAP training to a higher level, Noida based Acetel Technologies continues to offer an added advantage to applicants through SAP training and increase career potential of candidates with growth opportunities allowing them to thrive in the world of Information Technology.