Automatic Infotech: Improving business processes, Adding value and Achieving ROI with SAP

CIO Vendor Over many years, SAP has established itself as a leading ERP platform transforming businesses and assisting business growth. As the SAP market matures, customers across various verticals are looking out for aSAP services partner who not only has the desired expertise in SAP ecosystem but can also help them further optimize the business processes, add value and deploy industry best practices to achieve positive ROI on SAP investments. However, there aren’t a lot of consultants who can articulate on customer’s business process and requirements, thus leading to indefinite delays and cost overruns with project delivery. While ensuring complete utilization of organizational resources, Automatic Infotech, headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra leverages a collaborative approach within its SAP services to avoid any unforeseen delays and cost overruns with SAP related projects. Tailored to industry’s best practices, Automatic identifies and eliminates the bottlenecks thereby enhancing ROI on SAP investments. “We use our vast experience of successful projects from multiple industry verticals in assisting our customers to optimize the internal business processes as per the industry best practices while implementing SAP. Through our commitment, dedication and professional approach, we have become trusted and long term SAP solutions partner for various German and Indian multinational organizations”, says Amit Kulkarni, CEO, Automatic Infotech.

Taking up ownership of customer’s SAP environment

There are multiple SAP service providers but Automatic Infotech takes pride in taking over complete ownership of customer’s SAP environment. A dedicated team of techno-functional team is available for the client depending upon the pre-defined scope. The team is responsible to resolve any and all issues irrespective of efforts required. This model saves precious time and resources required for coordination and administrative approvals in a typical T & M based support model.
The entire delivery is planned to ensure smooth transition and integration of Automatic team in the client’s Center of Excellence. Post deployment, Automatic acts as the extended team of the client organization thereby enabling the client to focus on business critical and strategic issues.

German Quality and Indian flexibility Automatic is uniquely positioned with a large share of business generated from Germany or German companies. The company has established extensive quality processes based on global experience while maintaining the Indian flexible approach. This transpires in the customer engagements as well. But this desire to excel doesn’t stop there. Automatic conducts regular internal reviews and workshops with customers to analyze how the services offering can be further improved. Extensively detailed and standardized processes are followed for the Implementation, upgrade and support projects enabling customers to leverage on Automatic’s global experience.

The Road Ahead Known for its penchant in long term relationship with customers, Automatic follows a boutique approach focused on quality. “For us, it is not about rampant blind growth and numbers but nurturing a long term relationship with our customers. This philosophy has helped us become a trusted long term SAP partner of our customers. In fact over 40% of our business is generated through customer referrals”,quotes Amit. As Automatic’s unique work spoke for itself, the company has gradually accumulated over 80+ man years of SAP expertise. Today the company has a proven track record of serving in both Indian and global SAP implementation projects across industry verticals of Engineering, Automotive, Manufacturing, Stainless steel, Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare. Moving ahead, the company wants to expand geographically and invest further in development of multiple sets of SAP best practices industry templates for accelerated SAP implementation.