GrayMatter Software Services: Addressing Customers’ Analytics needs with full-fledged SAP Analytic

CIO Vendor A leading Airport Operator recently faced the challenge of making sense of large amounts of historical and live Data and Information across their various data sources. This challenge required immediate action as the situation was gradually becoming unmanageable owing to data explosion. After several chases, the firm chose GrayMatter, a multi-national Bangalore, India based SAP BO, BI, BW HANA services provider, who delivered a pre-built stack and platform agnostic solution approach that consolidated data across different sources like AODB, SAP flat files (Concessionaires/Planning data), SAP BPC and AMDB. As a result of this Solution, there was Data correctness and ready availability of live data on Demand.

Addressing Customers’ Analytics needs with full-fledged SAP Analytics practice

This in return allowed the firm to focus on planning, analysis and business strategy based on right information at the right time with the right people. GrayMatter has handled several projects with large volumes of data by forming a strong relationship with Big Data vendors like Cloudera, MapR, MongoDB coupled with SAP HANA expertise. It is the GrayMatter team’s experience and deep expertise in SAP analytics stack that has helped them to implement over 170+ Analytics projects successfully across the globe. Lokesh Narasimha, Co-Founder and Director Delivery & Operations at GrayMatter Software Services exemplifies why Gray Matter’s SAP analytics Service stands out among its peers.
He says, “Ease of anytime, anywhere accessibility to information on any device, ability to handle high volume, velocity and variety of data sources , cloud deployment capability, data science with SAP predictive analytics (PA) and SAP mobility expertise have enabled us to become a one stop Analytics Partner for SAP Customers BI and Analytics program ”.
The Company today is empowering key users in an organization with relevant information and enabling them to collaboratively derive their own insights from SAP Analytics Platform. GrayMatter has made substantial investments to raise the bar in the BI and Analytics arena worldwide.
Recently, GrayMatter was recognized as one of the emerging analytics companies in India by NASSCOM for creating several pre-packaged industry specific/horizontal solutions. Some of them like Airport Analytics AA+ and Finance Analytics FA+ are listed on SAP store. With its global R&D centre in Helsinki, Finland, the company has incorporated Finnish Innovation eco-system into its Analytics product and solution Engineering.
GrayMatter’s consultative approach for assisting customers in their entire SAP journey starts with an assessment workshop, followed by creating an Analytics Roadmap and building rapid prototypes, thus helping its customers to implement and upgrade SAP in a short time span. “We also support them by providing key inputs and appropriate resources along their BI journey. We have the ability to migrate to / setup the latest version of and configure SAP BI platforms for high performance to support a large number of users with high volume, velocity and variety of data sources”, adds Lokesh. Besides, the company’s SAP Analytics team is committed to the enhancement and deployment of best in breed technologies, thus ensuring best in class BI and Analytics Solutions for its global customers across varying industries and business models.

With most business firms adopting SAP to bolster productivity, it clearly appears that GrayMatter will not leave any stone unturned when it comes to ensuring success for the customers’ BI and Analytics program. “Recently, our solutions and products were SAP certified”, adds Lokesh. In the coming years, GrayMatter will extend its footprint to other arenas by leveraging mobility extensively as a part of its roadmap.