Hinduja Technologies

CIO Vendor The IT honchos across all industry verticals are looking at using digital technology that could improve business performance and reach of the organizations. With budget constraints and ever-increasing customer demands and competition, there is an urgent requirement for businesses to find ways to spread their operational footprints and seamlessly connect with their potential customers and suppliers. However, majority of technology solution providers have faced challenges when it comes to optimization of TCO of their customer’s IT system and alignment with their business needs. Realizing this crunch, Hinduja Tech, headquartered in Chennai, helps its customers in their digital transformation journey by integrating digital technology solutions to the existing SAP enterprise landscape. With deep expertise in digital technology and knowledge in SAP, Hinduja helps in driving efficient connections between its customers and their suppliers for becoming an “extended connected enterprise”. “We are a certified partner and co-innovation partner of SAP and our relationship with SAP helps us to deliver value to the customers by meeting their digital requirements through integrated enterprise and emerging digital technology capabilities”, says Subu Subramanian CEO and MD Hinduja Tech.

Embracing the power of SAP and digital Technology

Hinduja Tech operates as a global Integrated Engineering and Technology Solutions provider to global automative and manufacturing customers. With extensive focus and specialization in this sector, the company has leveraged on proven productized solutions being provided faster to the customers, resulting in reduced cost estimation risks. “Our broader and integrated capability of Engineering, Enterprise and Emerging Digital Technology Solution helps us to be a more comprehensive and integrated service provider to our automotive and manufacturing customers”, adds Mr Subu Streamlining the Journey of Business Transformation Despite various methodologies adopted to ensure successful SAP implementations, most organizations still have a long way to go in enabling successful SAP journeys.
SAP projects have failed due to lack of understanding of project requirements and strong commitment from stakeholders. Whether using SAP or implementing it, the key to successful projects is effective implementation of a change management discipline along with standardized processes to avoid functional disruptions and cost overruns. Hinduja addresses these predicaments with SAP recommended methodologies and Agile frameworks that offers flexible frameworks to improve the effectiveness of SAP-IT Projects.

Today, organizations face an inevitable challenge of making sense of large amounts of historical and live data and information across various data sources. Owing to such surge of data, organizations struggle to initiate real-time and effective decision-making. Hinduja Tech with its rich and extensive experience in cutting edge Business Analytics and Intelligence tools makes it easy for organizations to gather and convert data/information into actionable business intelligence that enables real-time decision-making. With the help of SAP Business Objects, crystal dashboards, crystal reports and web intelligence, the seasoned team of consultants at Hinduja carries out strategic planning, budget streamlining, forecasting, Financial consolidation, Financial information management, and Profitability & Cost management on EPM solutions for its customers.

Furthermore, the company has helped many manufacturing, project based enterprises to reduce their production lead times, and increase cost transparency by implementing the standard features on MRP, Routing, Lead times and Lean Stock Management. The solution has helped organizations shorten their logistics and production cycle, time to market/customers, while optimizing the inventory holding across geographies.

Yet another important aspect of Hinduja is its sharp focus on the Automotive and Manufacturing sectors which has enabled the company to develop niche SAP offerings based on digital solutions like IoT, Mobility and Cloud. Out of several offerings, Hinduja has, the most popular SAP solutions are Smartana, (an application suite for Contact Centres), iRevue (an automated pre-delivery inspection system co-owned with SAP) and FAME (A mobile enabled Fleet Analytics solution). “Hinduja Tech is niche, nimble and experienced to provide right fit solutions to the expectations of today’s customers”, says Prasan Ramachandra – Senior Vice President and Head of ERP/IT in Hinduja Tech

The Road Ahead After establishing and achieving so much in the Automotive and Manufacturing verticals, Hinduja is still aiming high and wants to be a pacesetter of IoT solutions and services. Also in the SAP space, the company aims to develop productized surround solutions for its Automotive and Manufacturing customers, and envisions to become a promising Engineering, Manufacturing and Enterprise Solution provider in the near future.