Horigine: Strong Consulting Practices backed by an ecosystem of Partners, Processes and Platforms

CIO Vendor In the future companies will have fewer opportunities to live on past successes. Short product life cycles are partly a consequence of the increasing rate of new product introductions and the drive of technological advances. As a result, companies are increasingly dependent on revenues from new products to drive their top-lines each year. Most companies have a process for capturing product ideas and market opportunities and eventually developing them into products. Companies with good strategic control are constantly looking at the health of their active and future customers and products – constantly reassessing the opportunity and risk in each of them. This allows them to make tradeoffs between concepts, projects, and products – cutting back on one in favor of increased investment in another.

Strong Consulting Practices backed by an ecosystem of Partners, Processes and Platforms

At the same time, many SAP projects do not meet the set business expectations. So a wiser and more successful approach to ensuring value is to drive an outcome rather than just an SAP Project. Determining the imperativeness of SAP projects in driving business efficiency, Horigine Consulting, headquartered in Bangalore, incorporates ValueSAP Framework within its SAP consulting services to ensure continual enhancement of value throughout the entire life cycle of business process using SAP and Non-SAP Applications. The company also enables SAP Solution Manager as an Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) platform to drive SAP Implementations and their operations to have better control, transparency and greater participation and co-ordination of both business and IT within the enterprise.
“We leverage our expertise to deliver the five critical capabilities required for any business to stay ahead of competition i.e. 1) Profitable Customer Interactions, 2) Strategic Portfolio Management 3) Optimized Project & Product innovation Management 4) Better Cross-Functional Execution & Greater Process Visibility 5) Enable IT to Support Business Transformations”, says Hemanth Kumar, Founder & Director, Horigine Consulting.
Today, organizations face inevitable challenge in making a sense out of large amounts of historical and live data and information towed from data sources. The daunting task of gaining insights from large volumes of ‘unprocessed-structured, semi structured and unstructured’ data often stalls the growth of businesses. Horigine’s focus is to create a Business Intelligence strategy to streamline the organization’s decision making process while ensuring timely and accurate delivery of information to business user communities. This era demands the move from Analytics to Enterprise Analytics and further towards Predictive Analytics.

Horigine’s expertise and command over SAP has been recognized across many industries and the company describes its core competencies to be present in Customer Life Cycle Management (CRM), Project Life Cycle Management (Portfolio & Project Management), Application Life Cycle Management (Solution Manager), Enterprise User Interface (OpenUI5), Enterprise analytics and Enterprise mobility.

The company currently boasts of being a preferred consulting partner for customers and partners in the niche business areas of portfolio management, NPDI, Customer life time value, Optimized IT operations. Horigine has gained a firm foothold in Enterprise Project Management services to help customers manage the lifecycle of IT, Development, Consulting, Engineering and R&D projects. Progressing ahead with strong Consulting Practice and Integration of Project Delivery, Horigine will continue focusing on key business elements of Customers, Products, Applications, Mobility Solutions, Enterprise Analytics and User Experience.Horigine is also a preferred Training Partner (Trainer Services) for the SAP Education Team across the globe.

Moving ahead with a positive outlook, the company continues to believe in keeping things simple and most importantly provide its unwavering focus in making simple things work for businesses.