CIO Vendor Today, organizations are looking at SAP as a tool to furnish its customers with efficiency, productivity and reliability. However, the current economic ebb and market scenario have thrown myriad of challenges against the adoption of SAP service. Adding more to the challenges is the complexity to manage the SAP landscape. Today, many organizations fail to invest in innovative solutions owing to the high operating costs of entire SAP infrastructure. Helping organizations build flexibility in the choice of resources for SAP related project and at the same time bringing in productivity and business opportunities is a Switzerland based company ITPC.

Delivering Flexibility, Predictability andScalability with SAP consulting services

The company with its global SAP Delivery Center located in Pune, India has contrived a clear vision of delivering Swiss quality enriched SAP consulting service that endows the customer with efficiency, precision and high quality. “As a Swiss company, we guarantee our customers that the Swiss and European quality requirements are met by our SAP Delivery Center. Project work and support will be planned, monitored and controlled by ITPC AG in Switzerland”, says Vincenzo Boesch, Director & CEO. For over 12 years, ITPC’s team has supported many small, medium sized and large companies in terms of introduction, updating, migration and modernization and operation of SAP-ERP solutions and plans to pass on the same benefits to Indian customers. ITPC understands the deeply rooted issues affecting SAP implementation and adoption and hence has built strong SAP delivery capabilities, transparent delivery model and innovative commercial structure into its SAP services.
ITPC has added many offerings across its SAP services to provide greater flexibility to its clients. ITPC offers SAP Technology Consulting that covers SAP installation, upgrades and migration.
The company has made substantial investments on SAP HANA both on the people and technology front and allows its clients to obtain flexibility, cost effectiveness and real time approach for managing large data volumes.

The company also provides Managed Services for SAP that offers SAP Technology ManagementServices on 24 × 7 × 365 basis to Support & Maintain its customers’ environments, thus delivering high amounts of Flexibility, Predictability andScalability of operations. With an affinity to inhibit all the potential problems at an early stage to prevent them from occurring, ITPC carries out regular checks on various customer operations and monitors various activities,thus providing trouble-free operations. “Our Cloud Based Operation model does not follow the traditional way of managing Support on per FTE basedstructure. We change the vision of Technology Support byintroducing the per SYSTEM BASED SUPPORT structure,which is the most cost effective way to manage all the SAP related activities”,says Biagio.
ITPC is the prefered Project partner to one of the large global organization in Tobaco manufacturing sector having oparations in multiple countries and using 10,000 + SAP Userlicences, which shows the strength of ITPC to manage large scale SAP technologyprojects as well as operation support requirement.

ITPC is having an unique Off-shore & Onsite delivery model to manage all the project requirements from the Global Delivery Center in Pune. “Where the 80% of the project activities to be done from Pune GDC and remaing 20% activities during the Go-live period to be managed on-site, this give a cost effective solution and it adds a lot of value to the end customer”,says Mr. Vincenzo Boesch, Director & CEO.

The company has set its sights on becoming the first SAP service provider delivering Swiss quality standard services. In the coming days, ITPC intends to become the most Preferred partner for SAP HANA implementation,Cloud Solutions and Hosting for entire SAP landscape.