Code Wave - Creating deeply engaging mobile and web experiences for people

CIO Vendor Enterprises today are moving from legacy, desktop systems to more mobile ready systems to operate efficiently, scale up and bring their offerings onto mobile devices to meet the expectations of growing mobile internet users. Grappling with complex, disparate software tools for everyday operations, enterprises are looking for an integrated digital solution which can bring in higher efficiency and reduce the pain of maintaining multiple software systems. In addition, to meet high expectations of customers consuming services on mobile devices, enterprises are driven by the market to bring their product and service offerings on the mobile. Codewave Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka is positioned to fulfill critical digitization needs of businesses with its tailored mobile and web solution. Adhering strongly to “mobile first approach”, the company is able to meet mobile user’s requirements and it allows Codewave to focus on content that produce a quick, concise and relevant mobile experience. “Having a mobile first approach to solving problems pushes us constantly to solve problems with minimalistic yet powerful features”, says Abhijith HK, Founder and CEO at Codewave.

Turning every challenge into opportunity
Internet can be a powerful democratizing factor in enabling technology. However, few bottlenecks associated with bandwidth often restrict the capacity of the network. Owing to these complexities, Codewave creates and delivers integrated digital experiences for users surpassing the limitations of internet availability, hardware and speed. With a vision of turning every challenge into opportunity, the company has designed a suite of tablet applications to educate children in remote regions of Africa with the help of satellites with limited or no access to internet.
Multiple approaches to provide product level recommendations and technical feasibility
“Codewave’s major strength lies in the ability to deeply understand the digitization needs of businesses across various industries and recommend the best of technology solutions. We have design, product and technology experts in-house to understand the need of the customer, present multiple approaches to solve the problem, provide product level recommendations, design possibilities and technical feasibility”, quotes Abhijith. With the rising competition in the healthcare marketplace, and the need to encourage a strong and more engaged relationship with patients, hospitals are recognizing the value of apps. Codewave has laid many opportunities for hospitals to improve patient satisfaction and transform healthcare experiences. The company leverages “PainApp”- an adroid based tablet application that resides on a 10-inch android tablet fixed next to the patient’s bed which helps patients above 60 years in calling doctor in one touch indicating the pain witnessed by the patient. Deployed in more than 68 hospitals in Germany “PainApp” tracks the patient data, pain patterns and informs doctor helping the doctor give prescriptions that are more accurate.

Codewave Technologies, headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka is positioned to fulfill critical digitization needs of businesses with its tailored mobile and web solution

Furthermore, the company offers end-to-end design and development of mobile applications (native apps for Android & iOS and hybrid apps), eCommerce portals (custom built, highly scalable portals without being limited by existing frameworks), responsive websites, web applications, mobile/WAP sites and custom digital solutions for enterprises. With wide range of technology services impregnating the digital market, Codewave plans to enable businesses to take the leap towards digitization.