ETPL India - Creating Unique Services across Identified Industry Verticals

CIO Vendor The APAC IT services industry is showing a high growth rate. Government backed reforms are contributing to considerable augmentation in spending for IT investments. In addition, the cloud computing is offering a good opportunity for IT vendors to penetrate in the small and medium business sector. ETPL India, headquartered in Shillong, harnesses the potential of this market to the maximum by focusing on IT Services, project management, consulting and business solutions. Founded in 2005, the company has featured among top ten companies in 2013 making social impact using innovative business model.

Consumerization of IT has caused the adoption of in-house mobile apps as opposed to packaged software. Integration of new standalone mobile apps and validation of user input to maintain data integrity while fighting off injection attacks have become a necessity. “To work towards providing seamless user experience across multiple operating systems, mobile devices and versions, ETPL has adopted best practices in extending enterprise applications to mobile devices across the three tiers of enterprise application, mobile middleware and the mobile client application.” says Vijay Bhardwaj, Director, ETPL India. The company uses a unified approach and methodology to develop mobile applications. It involves using wide range of tools, processes and assets to industrialize and accelerate application development, testing and maintenance services
When it comes to project management, ETPL brings clarity to the project goals and synchronizes them with clients’ business needs. “We design a rigorous programme, including team roles and responsibilities, identifying efficiencies, savings, risk and opportunities.” says Artilin Row Thangkhiew, Director.
To ensure timely completion of project, ETPL mobilizes promptly, operating from deep within the organization and working harmoniously within client corporate culture. With an aim to close programmes to the satisfaction of all stakeholders, the organization demonstrates real value in both quantitative and qualitative terms. To counter the challenges faced by enterprises with respect to database administration, ETPL helps them in reducing administration efforts and improves operation efficiency by constructing logical data model to meet business needs. The company establishes master data management strategy and audits data on a regular basis to ensure that KPIs and metrics are met. The team holds meeting with end users to synchronize metadata, logical data models and business process flows. While maintaining standards and end user access paths, ETPL also builds metrics and SLAs to monitor the DBA process.
For the education industry, ETPL has in its portfolio an Education Automation System (EAS) which provides enterprise level intelligent Education management system with configurable social network. Instructors and students can easily create, share, and manage academic material through a social networking interface.

ETPL India harnesses the potential of this market to the maximum by focusing on IT Services, project management, consulting and business solutions

With an aim to provide solutions and services that directly influence the growth of employability and livelihood of people, ETPL plans to accelerate its growth by increasing its geographical presence while maintaining focus on unique services across identified industry verticals.