Intense Technologies - Integrating Independent Productive Modules on a Single Platform

CIO Vendor IT Services segment is evolving with time and the delivery models are getting more and more oriented towards fulfilling the business objectives of potential customers as well as of the existing engagements. There is a major concern with regards to how most of the service providers are offering services. Looking to raise the ROI, enterprises are determined like never before to look for innovative tools which can enable them to deploy solutions in line with the expectations of the customers. Intense Technologies, headquartered in Hyderabad, helps such enterprises align their offerings with the specific requirements of their respective domains through its vertical agnostic Uniserve platform. The platform hosts several modules which reside within the platform and they can also work independently as products for varying needs of customers.

“We wanted to build a platform which could bring in and reside within itself a number of small modules and functionalities which otherwise would be available as products themselves. So, we have developed a platform with a lot of modules which can work together in a federated environment as well as independently on their own.” says Jayant Dwarkanath, CEO, Intense Technologies. By designing and deploying the solution in sync with the unique requirements of diverse domains, the company has been able to build a library of tools within each of the sectors.

From consulting and service point of view, Intense Technologies have built domain strength around communications, processing, reports and analysis specifically in the telecom and the banking sectors.
As a consultant, the company interacts with the customers and comprehends their particular needs. Then it crafts a solution based on the tools and the modules that it already has; stitches together the modules within the platform to form a new product of its own kind, alleviating the client’s pain in going for different versions for different implementations. The product remains the same at its core while the front end experience of each customer may vary.

Intense Technologies helps such enterprises align their offerings with the specific requirements of their respective domains through its vertical agnostic Uniserve platform

Uniserve integrates with the entire legacy infrastructure of the customer. Because of its presence, every customer facing interaction of the organization becomes completely contemporary. With people bringing in their own devices, the organizations are worried about how secure their information is. The Uniserve platform has a series of layers which identify and confirm the authentication of a device. Without controlling the device, it sends out triggers to flag any case of unauthenticated access.

The uniqueness of Intense Technologies lies in the fact that instead of providing some boxed product, the company offers a platform that has individual products within itself which can work on their own as well as within the platform. “Uniserve covers the entire customer life cycle from getting the customer onboard to processing the information, communicating and building loyalty around that customer,” concludes Dwarkanath.