Xebia - Provides Agile IT and DevOps Consulting to Companies around the World

CIO Vendor The IT industry is undergoing a shift on how to develop software efficiently. Traditionally, companies have focused on outsourcing and worked with IT vendors to build and maintain applications. The general approach to expedite such development was to increase the team size exponentially to meet stringent deadlines.

This approach was not successful, in several cases the large team size failed to meet the launch dates and the project implementation. The result is increased cost and often waste of expenditure. Moreover, the team returns to the drawing board to start afresh. Meanwhile, the efficiency, which was expected from the application, remains unseen. Thus the organization loses its ability to progress and serve their customers better.

The Netherlands based IT Consultancy Xebia, which has offices in India, Paris and the US; provides answer to the problems plaguing the industry today. Xebia took the lead in Agile software development from its inception in 2002 and provides Agile consulting and coaching to help transform your organization to work in a more efficient way. With the highest number of Agile coaches in the world, Xebia has assisted companies to follow Agile developments and hand-held them to take the next leap to Continuous Delivery and DevOps.

As a philosophy, Xebia provides high quality and efficiency methodologies to rapidly improve your team synergies and the speed of software development within your organization, enabling you to deliver software continuously.
“We have helped hundreds of enterprises around the world to re-define their development methodologies, rationalize and refine processes, and redesign IT architecture,” says CEO of Xebia, Anand Sahay.

DevOps and Continuous Delivery
Xebia has naturally taken its Agile learning and expertise to evolve to the practices of DevOps and Continuous Delivery. Their strength and authority in this field is evident by their CI/CD product line offered by Xebialabs, a subsidiary of Xebia Group. Xebialabs offers a suit of Continuous Delivery products including XL Deploy, which today is globally the number one deployment automation tool.
With these strengths, Xebia is the choice of leading organizations to streamline their development for Greenfield projects and infuse the best talent in their existing teams.

Xebia has assisted companies to follow Agile developments and hand-held them to take the next leap to Continuous Delivery and DevOps

The Xebia Culture
Having the best talent onboard is just step one. Xebia nurtures an open culture that promotes the entrepreneurship spirit and gives complete freedom to the individual to choose their own career paths. This has worked effectively for organic growth and provides fertile grounds for new and cutting edge innovations. Even the office interiors are designed keeping in mind the best Agile practices to provide the ambience for synergetic teamwork. The Xebia values: people first, knowledge sharing, commitment to quality and customer intimacy along with the culture are exhibited in testimonials of their customers.