HealthFore Technologies Limited (formerly known as Religare Technologies Limited) is a global healthcare IT solutions and advisory services company. Our B2B and B2C IT solutions help hospital chains, diagnostic centers and public health enterprises realize superior clinical outcomes.

Our patient-centric healthcare solutions focus on wellness, preventive care and condition management. Our information and health advisory services ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment of diseases. We create mass awareness to improve the quality of life through self-care.

HealthFore's IT products and services are built on leading-edge technology. Our solutions increase productivity and boost revenue for healthcare providers through process automation, interoperability and collaboration. Significantly, our customized solutions enable world-class patient care and comply with healthcare regulations, while minimizing costs.

We increase the reach of healthcare by investing in R&D. Our team of doctors, radiologists, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, hospital administrators, pharmacists, and technicians provide insights to develop innovative solutions and streamline healthcare. Our strategic relationships with Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, HP, and Barco are the backbone of our healthcare solutions.
HIMSS Analytics supports improved decision making for healthcare organizations, healthcare IT
companies and consulting firms by delivering high quality data and analytical expertise. The EMR
Adoption Model identifies and scores hospitals using an 8 step scale that charts the cumulative path
to a fully paperless environment.
Using barcode technology, HealthFore solutions help nurses to verify a patient’s identity and verify
medication with a simple scan of the patient wristband at the bedside. This practice ensures the ‘5
Rights’ of medication about to be administered at the point of care aligns with the care plan prescribed
by the doctor through the CPOE.