Probox Solutions: Enabling Enterprises To Deliver High-Level Customer Experience

CIO Vendor As enterprises race to redefine their businesses and unlock new revenue streams, Cloud and other IT infrastructure are playing bigger role in underpinning digital transformation. The attempts are anything but easy, especially for enterprises in the lower enterprises segment. These companies often lack both economies of scale and expertise, requiring partner assistance in defining the optimum models and realizing the associated vision. This has fuelled an explosion of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), leading to what Gartner calls an “MSP gold rush”. Thousands of vendors and providers in MSP have suddenly come up, thereby increasing clutter and confusion in the marketplace.

For MSPs, rising above the noise requires concerted effort, not just in branding and positioning, but in manifesting the required delivery capabilities and customer experience. A good customer experience is a feat that company achieves only through consistency and concerted efforts. In a research conducted, it has been found that customers do not care much about singular touchpoints or use cases. What affect customer satisfaction the most are cumulative experiences across multiple touchpoints and in multiple channels over time. Consistency can be achieved by having clear-cut policies on delivering great customer service. In line with such strategies and principles, Mumbai based company, Probox, offers solutions for greater customer services to all end users across all business channels making each customer experience equally fulfilling.

Service providers today have little choice but to invest in the customer experience. Customer loyalty is no longer a given, and the combination of rising customer expectations and convergent competition has put a premium on a positive customer experience across all channels at every stage of the relationship. Making this happen, of course, is no simple task. Generally, MSPs attempt to meet the challenge with a combination of in-house resources. It’s understandable, but the results often fall short. Probox works untiringly to generate apt customer experience, thereby making all the difference through cost control and concentrated solutions.

Integrating Infrastructure Solutions
In the frontlines of serving customers, the biggest challenge has always been a lack of the right tools and resources to keep customers happy. “It might be a defective product, a restrictive policy, or might just be a lack of accurate information,” states Rajesh Kutty, Founder and Executive Director, PROBOX. The company considers it a priority to ensure that
clients experience optimum performance levels to understand and deliver customized needs of customers. As such, it becomes mandatory to upscale the IT systems and business applications in a cost-effective manner. Such managed services improve monitoring efficiency, Incident Management, and Full management to ensure IT systems and business applications are running smoothly. Enterprises reach out to Managed services solution providers to deploy such critical and core managed services like IDS and IPS which are more often presumed as conflated and related which differ at their core. IDS and IPS deliver added advantages in the form of Intrusion detection. It is a form of passive network monitoring, in which traffic is examined at a packet level and results of the analysis are logged.

The company has expanded itself into several verticals, gained new clients and has made its mark in the service industry through the right blend of technology and suitable manpower

Meanwhile, after detection, Intrusion prevention, stands out to be more proactive. In this, problematic patterns lead to direct action by the solution itself to fend off a breach. These advantages are capable to catapult IDS and IPS solutions in the future to evolve in such a way as to integrate with more infrastructural solutions, as well as incorporate new strategies at a basic level. Additionally, Probox is building its capabilities in this segment through neural network and AI. These make IDS and IPS anomaly-based solutions even more efficient and accurate in predicting and recognizing “normal” activity. Such managed solutions spot malicious activity faster and generate lower percentage of false positives without the tremendous amount of continuous tuning effort that wastes time, effort and resources.

The last three years have proved to be exponentially successful and eventful for PROBOX. The company has expanded itself into several verticals, gained new clients and has made its mark in the service industry through the right blend of technology and suitable manpower. The segments that are already into the pipeline are multiple Blue-Chip IT companies, service solutions like Pharma, Automobile, Manufacturing, E-commerce, Banking, and Finance. The trust and branding developed over a period of time is a testimony to PROBOX’s successful management style and it is an important milestone in its journey which has translated its client companies to spread across 14 Indian cities while also aiming to become one of the preferred choices for enterprise support services across the globe.