Polestar Consulting: Agile and Innovative Managed IT Services for Operational Excellence

CIO Vendor The managed service market size is expected to reach USD 282.0 billion by 2023, at a CAGR of 9.3 percent. Since organizations today are undergoing a high level of business transformation to streamline their business processes, they are strongly in need of highly scalable and robust hardware and software with which they can attain operational excellence. In order to achieve these, organizations are adopting Managed IT services.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Pune based Polestar Consulting comes into the picture as an agile and innovative Managed IT Services provider. Polestar offers a comprehensive set of Managed IT services that include hardware, staffing, Remote Infrastructure Management, Security & Surveillance and Biometric based identity solutions.

Upon entering a venture with a client, Polestar first defines models, standardizes and optimizes processes, which helps customers to understand and navigate the landscape of modern and secure tools, technologies and delivery models. The subsequent steps involve creating an overarching IT roadmap and architecture for the organization. The platform and technology agnostic nature of service provider allows Polestar to leverage the overarching enterprise architecture to simplify integrating various sub-systems which helps in providing a well-defined and sorted IT Infrastructure.

State of the art IT set up
The company procures, integrates and manages the entire gamut of products and services like back-up solutions, firewalls, servers, LAN, WAN, System and Network security, End point Compute and management etc. “We bring together best of breed technology from global leaders such as Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Cisco, IBM, Redhat, Symantec etc. to create state of the art IT set up like Data Centre, Intelligent Network,
e-Office, Secured gateways and Networks,” says Alok Sharma, Director, Polestar Consulting.

In-house Management and Analytics tool
Initially Polestar deployed COTS software for Incident, Helpdesk, Asset and Resources Management. However, over time the company’s implementation expertise made it realize that the customer actually utilized less than 20 percent of the features built in but paid for all of it. Based on this repeated experience, Polestar introduced their in-house Management and Analytics tool – PolePlus, based broadly on ITIL V4 framework of Service Delivery.

“Business continuity is not the end goal by itself; we take pride in making our customers future ready,” affirms Alok Sharma.

We bring together best of breed technology from global leaders such as Dell, Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, Cisco, IBM, Redhat, Symantec etc. to create state of the art IT set up

Since one of the aspects of managed services is to undertake customer relationship management that secures the company’s branding and resources, Polestar helps clients in improving their Customer experience by targeted interventions and ensuring projected and controlled service outages.

The company is at the crossroads where personalized services would have to give way to a more institutionalised response. Polestar intends to bring in a few more customised productivity and management tools like Poleplus. In terms of geographical growth, Polestar is in conversation with a few overseas prospects for Remote Infrastructure Management contracts. Polestar envisages becoming the engine of cost and process optimization for the customers, while efficiently and comprehensively managing the complex and rapidly evolving security challenges.