Solid Systems Global: Rendering Remote Monitoring Services through a 360-degree Approach

Despite the efforts made by enterprises to ensure infrastructure robustness, many of them continue to deal with hardware and software downtime incidents that last from a few minutes to days, completely incapacitating the business and causing tremendous losses. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is USD 5600 per minute. To tackle this problem, organizations rope in different service providers to get the systems up and running again. However, with multiple service providers at work, there is always an information gap which prevents the enterprise from achieving the ultimate objective of business continuity. In addition, a holistic approach has to be followed for complete addressal of the business needs.

While most Managed Services providers offer only Remote Monitoring Support, Solid Systems Global through its 360-degree approach offers Remote Support with onsite intervention by its technical experts

This is where Ahmedabad based Solid Systems Global comes into the picture. With its remote monitoring software, Solid Systems ensures that organizations can carry on serving their customers, while the company handles the incident management process. “While most Managed Services providers offer only Remote Monitoring Support, Solid Systems Global through its 360-degree approach offers Remote Support with onsite intervention by its technical experts. With the implementation of this approach, customers need not worry about their remote support from multiple service providers,” says Bhavika Vaja, Director, Solid Systems Global. The company covers all major hardware and power faults. It has the ability to show the hard drive and memory quota on servers and desktops. The company’s network administration services help clients in organizing, structuring and growing their infrastructure.

Deep Monitoring of Network Services
Solid Systems has developed a managed services tool called COGNIZ by partnering with its technology partner TeleDNA. This telecom services
monitoring platform enables telecom operators to monitor all elements of the network in a vendor platform and location agnostic manner. COGNIZ acts as a universal virtual console and service aware platform by facilitating deep monitoring of every network service, thus enabling the proactive creation of service KPIs and boundaries, tagging and monitoring all underlying resources and systems that deliver the services and predicting service impact based on real-time machine learning and anomaly detection for every monitored service. COGNIZ has the capacity to build network AI through support history, thereby eliminating human intervention at the initial stage of support. This in turn avoids human error completely and provides cost benefits to the customers.

Next Generation ITES line of Services
IT investments should help businesses grow and operate more efficiently. Thus, acquiring and managing IT services should not become a major part of the budget. Solid Systems Global’s Business Service is an IT enabled service designed to cater to all IT needs under one roof. These services are also called as next Generation ITES/ KPO/BPO line of services. The company executes projects by utilizing its onsite project management models validating and implementing business expertise across various support.

Solid System’s desktop and server support services ensure that clients can work whenever and however they want. The company supports software such as Microsoft Windows, Microsoft Server, Linux, VMWare, Citrix, Apple and most of the third parties back up utilities. Storage Solutions, OEM services and Third Party OEM Maintenance, Supply Chain and Finance Services are the other services offered by Solid System.

Having carved a niche for itself in the Managed Services domain, Solid Systems is now in the process of establishing a strategic partnership with a UK based IoT Company to provide IoT and Infrastructure as a Service solution.