Black Canvas Creatives: Delivering End-To-End It Consultancy Services

CIO Vendor The global IT consulting services market is expected to see significant growth in the coming years. The major factors that drive the growth of this sector include the on-going trends of simplification of business and operating models, the need for IT investment monitoring and management. Moreover, migration of traditional IT solutions to mobile computing solutions and IT infrastructure migration to cloud computing infrastructure are the other significant drivers.

IT consulting services help organizations to not only better design, build their business processes but they also help in optimising and also implementing the security software and process. Needless to say, well informed businesses are more successful. However, knowing what the organization needs exactly when it comes to technology and software solutions can be the hardest part and quite tricky as well.

This is where Hyderabad based Black Canvas Creatives comes into the picture. The company provides end-to-end custom consulting services and defines IT strategy, designs, develops and executes a clear IT strategy that helps clients reap the benefits of faster processes with lower cost and higher quality that will benefit the firm largely. Black Canvas Creatives technology consulting services focuses on the client’s most critical issues and concerns across strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital and advanced analytics verticals. The company brings in functional expertise and takes a holistic approach to help its clients plan, conceptualise, build and maintain software with the expertise of its highly skilled domain experts.

Action-based counselling
Black Canvas Creatives’ unique approach ensures that the clients engage in a seamless experience that leverages the value of technological investments with improved outcomes. In addition to this, the company provides action-based counselling for the clients’ business transformation through consultative approach, right from assessing, recommending, and managing to completion of the project.

The company caters to all sizes of businesses and its technology consultants ensure that they reach the business goals through its varied consulting services such as application efficiency consulting, business analysis consulting, business strategy consulting, cloud strategy consulting, Data management consulting, Engineering consulting, IT infrastructure consulting, IT security consulting, product life cycle consulting and technology adoption consulting.

“What differentiates our company from the other players is our exceptional track record of delivering high quality, on budget and on-time solutions to clients,” says Aravind Vadlamudi, Managing Director of Black Canvas Creatives. We also implement cutting edge technologies to provide businesses with functionally rich and productive solutions to their most critical challenges,” he adds.

Choosing the right engagement model
“Our Industry leading project governance processes ensure that they provide the strongest foundation for project success. Moreover, we help clients choose the right engagement model to help their

businesses achieve digital innovation agenda,” says Bhanu Pratyusha Sayyaparaju, Director of Black Canvas Creatives. The company’s business knowledge in key verticals facilitates the company to not only provide customised solutions but also to address the specific needs of the clients, which helps in maximising value and achieve business objectives.

Infrastructure support services using Systematic Approach
In order to create a competitive edge, organizations today need to streamline and remodel their processes over complex IT settings. What make it extremely difficult for entrepreneurs to cope up with the complications are the ever-increasing infrastructural elements along with the growing complexities and higher resource consumption. Therefore, IT infrastructure management has become one of the major challenges for IT administrators and information officers across the globe. Hence, it is highly essential that the IT infrastructure setup should be aligned with the network architecture and end-to-end communication, to ensure hassle free operations.
Black Canvas Creatives is also known for its creative network in branding, advertising and technology. The company through its capacity and resources knows how to implement a range of different marketing and technology strategies in one cohesive effort. “The ‘human factor’ is a fundamental aspect of our business. According to the unwritten IT law, the quality of the product is only as good as the team that produced it,” opines Aravind. “We are a team of united, like-minded professionals who stand by the company values. We boast of some of the best minds and talent in the industry who are young, nimble and well-versed in the latest technological trends. Our team is not afraid of failure and we strive to continuously challenge and improve ourselves, thereby achieving high customer satisfaction. And it is because of these values we have retained every single client of ours since the inception,” he adds.

Perfectly understanding these requirements, Black Canvas Creatives provides infrastructure consulting which is based on a systematic approach that helps the company in analysing the current IT set-up, identifying gaps and implementing solutions together with leading IT vendors. Black Canvas Creatives also provides varied infrastructure services that include installation, along with the commissioning of hardware, software and allied services for data centres and disaster recovery setup for both on-premise and cloud. Not just that, the company also streamlines the administration of dayto-day user management, access, security protocols and other enterprise IT services.

Black Canvas Creatives’ certified technology experts team provide various database services, large-scale migrations, storage, backup & recovery management, configuration & administration of server, network and systems. The network infrastructure services provided by the company include network design and architecture planning, network audits and on-going support for port setup and it also comprises services such as Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Storage Area Networks, Local Area Networks, Wide Area Networks, Virtual Local Area Network and media integrations, which are part of the core services.

One software solution cannot cater to all businesses and every business needs a technology upgrade to survive in today’s fast paced digital world. These are the two fundamental points on which Black Canvas Creatives’ software division has been established. In the current globalized scenario, businesses are constantly looking for innovative and faster medium for delivering value to their customers and the use of technology for delivering such value has become their topmost priority. When organizations implement these innovative technologies, it helps organizations in gaining competitive advantage over other players in the market. Black Canvas Creatives is renowned for delivering such wide range of solutions and services that cater to the challenging needs of organizations across the globe thereby helping them tread a path of constant growth and achieving comprehensive results.

State-of-the-art Network Operation Centre
“What makes our service unique is our expertise in comprehensive suite of tools and customised services. This helps our company to provide the best IT support for the unique requirements of the clients’ based on service window, response time, level of support required and other service-level parameters,” says Sandeep Surapur, Vice President Technical Operations, Black Canvas Creatives. “Also, from our state-of-the-art Network Operation Centre (NOC), we provide24/7 scalable support services for both onsite and offshore models across micro, mid and large businesses,” he adds.

What Makes Our Service Unique Is Our Expertise In Comprehensive Suite Of Tools And Customised Services

The company caters to large enterprises across the globe and few of its clients are based out of Germany. Currently, Black Canvas Creatives builds, operates, transfers and hosts data and cloud services as per the client requirements, which works on the CAPEX and the OPEX model. Moving forward, the company is planning to develop solutions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.