ScrumStart: Offering New Age Advisory and Technology Services

CIO Vendor One of the major contributors to country’s GDP, Indian IT-BPM industry has been witnessing rapid growth and advancements. The current technology disruption coupled with highly qualified talent pool of technical graduates (one of the largest in the world) will be a major driving force in further solidifying this industry in India. Furthermore, Indian market has been very positive and cost-effective for clients / companies pursuing digital transformation, and presently stands at the second-fastest digitizing economy amongst 17 leading economies in the world. Government has also embraced digitization and is moving in parallel with the technological advancements so as to encourage industries in doing the same. However, as customer satisfaction is evolving as a key metric, there is a crucial need for more flexible and reliable technology partners who can perfectly meet the client’s expectations.

Ensuring trust, innovation and security, ScrumStart - a venture of SRKay Consulting Group has been successfully providing new age advisory and technology services for its clients across numerous industry verticals. “Our major differentiator would be the TBEM (Trust Business Excellence model), which is a business model specially developed with highest standards of values, competency and unparalleled transparency. This model emphasizes the creation of the basis of trust through an open costing & pricing model which could enable clients to understand how they are being charged, thereby giving immense flexibility to manage their expense,” says Santosh Panicker, CEO of the company. This transparency leaves the delivery organization to focus completely on deploying the best resources without worrying about maintaining the margins. This model focuses on creating a stronger relationship between the clients and the team working for them, thereby making customer feedback the key element in employees’ growth.
Bringing Trust, Transparency, and Flexibility Envisioning to become the most trusted advisor by building capabilities based on trust, transparency, and flexibility, ScrumStart’s flagship service model Virtual Captive (VC) combines the best of the technology development center /captive / Global Innovation Center (GIC) model with third-party outsourcing. This service model backed with a dedicated high quality talent offers businesses operational visibility, transparent pricing, quicker ROI, and almost zero CapEx. As traditional outsourcing and company-owned captives are falling short to meet the growing expectation from large and medium-sized global companies, ScrumStart has been delivering the benefit of both Captives and the traditional outsourcing providers while eliminating the disadvantages from both. The company has also been focusing on startups and SMBs who are currently unaddressed as compared to the large companies. “We strongly believe in our values and capabilities. Our core values of transparency and integrity are taught and practiced. While some elements are behavioral, transparency has been codified to bring a major differentiation in the way of doing business. Also, we have focused on building a strong foundation of capabilities where results are regularly measured,” adds Santosh Panicker.

Our major differentiator would be the TBEM (Trust Business Excellence model), which is a business model specially developed with highest standards of values, competency and unparalleled transparency

Currently, the company is catering to its global customers across retail, logistics, aviation, food and beverage / hospitality, and is slowly moving towards robotic process automation, artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, and setting up a CoE for IT audit.