7 dot 2 Consulting: "Providing expert IT Solutions"

CIO Vendor Regardless of size or industry type, the rate at which IT influences business operations is rapidly expanding. In today’s modern landscape, IT plays a central role in the way businesses work enabling companies to thrive and innovate with a technological infrastructure. In simple words, IT in businesses helps organizations become more efficient by streamlining and facilitating processes that help reduce costs, improve communication, boost performance, gain competitive advantages, build innovative products and or services, and more. All in a technological framework that is geared to design and deploy solutions to achieve business success.

Providing such solutions is a company named 7 dot 2 IT Consulting, which brings finest combination of variety of experts from the IT Industry and Business, aimed at enhancing the ability to run business with excellence. Based in New Delhi, 7 dot 2 was established in year 2016 with primary objective of providing strategic IT consulting to SMEs, Start-ups and large business units. Its founder Puneet Aggarwal brings with him an extensive Global IT experience of more than 20 years of working in MNCs.

Leadership Team
The Core leadership team of this company consists of the founder Puneet Aggarwal with expertise and global experience in IT Strategy & Governance, Project Management and Enterprise Applications, while Janardhana Deshpande is the Master of Software Development, IT Strategy & Project Management and GopiShukla has expertise in Cyber Security, IT Infrastructure and Networking Solutions.

The three of them bring varied and extensive global experience in MNCs and have a thorough knowledge of international standards and technical expertise which helped 7 dot 2 spread its wings. Besides the core leadership, 7 dot 2 has a team of dedicated and skilled IT consultants with decades of global IT experience and demonstrated expertise in Enterprise Applications, IT Infrastructure and IT Governance who take pride in being the crucial link between business and IT.
There are four key service delivery are as that 7 dot 2 provide which are as follows–(1) Strategic IT Consulting where 7 dot2 has expertise in IT Strategy & Roadmap, IT Governance, CIO On-demand, Business Continuity & Risk Management, Enterprise and IT Infrastructure Strategy. (2) Enterprise Applications & Software Development where 7 dot 2 support clients with domain knowledge, custom application development, implementation of packaged software like ERP (SAP HANA and T.FAT ERP), CRM and BI solutions. (3) IT Infrastructure & Networking with design & implementation services ranging from workplace management, server management, network management, data backup and recovery, enterprise managed services to meet all needs of business.

Cloud Computing & Cyber Security where they combine trusted security expertise with business understanding, helping clients solve complex security challenges, strengthen their security postures and reduce risk in the face of a dynamic threat landscape. (4) Lastly provide Project Management with expert project managers who provide training and also manage IT projects in accordance with best practices from PMI, USA to give a full view and control of IT projects.

Growth and Future Prospects
The key factor that makes 7 dot 2 different from other companies is their core values: Integrity, Trust, Ownership, Respect, Focus On Client’s Success, Leadership, Passion For Winning and Operational Excellence. These values shape them and are critical to how they function as a team and as a company.

This company is focusing on growth by adopting a three-pronged strategy. Firstly, they aspire to continue excellent customer service and delivery for existing customers as they believe that customer’s success will translate to company's success with high reference rate. Secondly, 7 dot 2 is forging New Sales Partnerships or Agreements in India and abroad to improve sales. Finally, they are strengthening delivery capability to meet the growing sales pipeline, by not only hiring but also forging delivery partnerships to further deepen delivery expertise. 7 dot 2 is already engaging with new partners in the areas of IOT, Cybersecurity, AI/ML and Digital Marketing services. The way forward for this company is to continue its foray and reach new heights by building a robust partner ecosystem, and embrace the opportunities presented by technology.