Gleeserve: Technological Assistance to Varied Businesses In Worldwide Regions

CIO Vendor A rapid transformation has been witnessed during the last two decades with the implementation of advanced technologies in various industries. With the rise of IT (Information Technology), small to big IT companies are contributing to a larger-scale helping different sectors to perform faster and better maintaining a balance with the ongoing trends. ’As a player building significance in this domain, Gleeserve has successfully established its technological portfolio since 2017. “We endeavor to provide quality services and add value to our clients’ businesses. We also focus on building skills of every individual within the organization in the field of their specialty and interests,” mentions Reena Vijay, CEO, Gleeserve.

Being a technology company Gleeserve is offering its services in the areas of consulting & architecture, project & product life-cycle, application development & maintenance, QA Testing and infrastructure engineering services. Assisting the manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, and telecommunications industries, the company is providing services in the horizontals including managed services, application Integration, package implementation & support, digital solutions (Mobile, RPA, IoT), BI & Data warehousing and Cloud enablement.

Gleeserve conceptualizes solutions and takes decisions prioritizing the requirement and the benefits of its clients. Be it adding technical competence to the team or going the extra mile allowing the user to take the right and most effective path for accomplishing their requirement, Gleeserve always architects a win-win approach for its clients. It uses the extended team model, where its team works as a natural extension to its client’s team. It delivers quality services adhering to ISO standards.

The company enables a combination of engagement models as required to meet the objectives of its clients. Hence, the clients are in complete control
of the operating model, while Gleeserve is in complete sync with the end objectives in each project. “We ensure to establish a cordial relationship with our vendors, clients, and client partners enabling them to own our team as a part of their own to work towards a common goal of enhancing the end-user experience and making it superior,” adds Reena.

Proudly providing services to a Europe-based major manufacturing client, Gleeserve started its journey with only two people and excelled at each stage by increasing its support for the same client during the last 36 months. Providing its outstanding services to a Fortune 500 list, based in India and UK, the organization is committed to execute varied size of projects/IT requirements and on challenging POC’s. More importantly, Gleeserve’s management gives the freedom to its team to express their ideas and plans that suit their client’s needs.

Gleeserve is offering its services in the areas of consulting & architecture, project & product life-cycle, application development & maintenance, QA Testing and infrastructure engineering services

“The support that our team provides with skills is a reward for us in itself. This creates a balance to achieve employee and customer satisfaction,” Reena mentions. She also believes that the confluence of ideas and openness to learning from one another is the key stone of her company’s success that also helps them to stay abreast with the latest technology. While mentioning the company’s plans, Reena also said that service management, infrastructure services, and application development, maintenance, and support services will remain their are as of focus for the future. Soon, Gleeserve will be associated with the AWS Partner Network as a certified partner and it is also looking forward to add RPA and Azure Services in the near term.