Spectrum Networks: Addressing The Vast Skill Gaps In The Emerging Tech & IT Domain

CIO Vendor Right now, one of the biggest challenges prevailing in the IT industry is a serious shortage of skilled professionals in India. The emerging tech domain in general, is going through a lot of churn and dynamic changes, and because of the COVID Pandemic the transition towards digital transformation has sky-rocketed across all businesses. Organizations are head-hunting specialized professionals having expertise in emerging technologies such as IoT, Cloud, AI and ML – of which there is a huge existing gap between demand and supply in the market.

Addressing this huge gap that exists in the emerging tech domain, Mumbai headquartered Spectrum Networks is a leading IT Training & Consultancy services company that delivers training which aligns businesses and helps them to grow in the area of system and network infrastructure. The training and consultancy services of Spectrum Networks help employees of large organizations to get ready for the future job roles.

On the other hand, when a business enterprise is in the process of scaling-up, and requires resources in a short-term basis to kick-start projects, the consultancy services offered by Spectrum Network comes in handy where the company provides experts who handle activities ranging from designing, sizing, implementation, and even execution.

Established in the year 2007, Spectrum Networks is composed of a highly experienced team of consultants, who works across all industrial sectors and bring in their independent vendor-agnostic advice. At present, Spectrum Networks has 35 plus consultants and a team of IT experts and developers – bringing in a combined experience of 200 plus years to the table.

The core team of experts realized way back in 2013, that most of the prevailing technologies are going to be obsolete in the near future. By 2014, the organization had taken the decision to invest heavily on emerging technology, and build up a business model that focuses on the things which are going to prevail in the future.

By 2018, the organization was involved in projects across the IoT domain pertaining to connected building infrastructure. Having a mindset of adopting to the changing technologies helped Spectrum Networks to come out as a leader when it comes to imparting training and consultancy services that help businesses to scale up by fixing their skill-gaps, considering the long-term future.

Training Programs Focused On Preparing Employees For The Future
The combination of a veteran team of consultants and an excellent team of IT experts have shaped up a superior training model that goes beyond the traditional classroom style learning experience. Over the years, Spectrum Networks has delivered multiple training programs to some of the leading global organizations. The company has also been able to spread its presence over the APAC region with offices and training centers located in the UAE, KSA, Tunisia, and Singapore as well.

Spectrum Networks has recently delivered one of its largest Microsoft Azure re-skilling programs where the team worked with more than 42 different departments belonging to the particular organization. The employees were in urgent need of skilling-up. It was a year-long program where the employees were skilled up from the basic level of Cloud to equip them for the jobs which are relevant in the Microsoft Azure Cloud be it on the DevOps or IoT domain.

Besides Microsoft, Spectrum Networks is also involved in imparting enterprise grade training on Citrix, Juniper, Nutanix, VMware, and RedHat, where many business enterprises from India are taking aide from Spectrum Networks on the Automation side of the business.

Purely based on the expertise and abilities to manage complex projects, Spectrum Networks has delivered projects in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, SriLanka, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Morocco.

#Upskill4free: Spectrum Networks’ Free It Skilling Program
The Pandemic situation has created many challenges and roadblocks for the youth from all over the globe when it comes to finding employment. Therefore, as a part of its latest CSR initiative Spectrum Networks launched its very own Free IT skilling program - #UpSkill4FREE. The initiative offers free digital skilling classes for jobseekers particularly in the IT domain. The IT skilling program is an attempt to help people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic, and help them through the crisis.

Making A Deep Impact In IT Skilling
The IT Training and consultancy services of Spectrum combine the corporate level knowledge with analysis of the clients’ business requirements to deliver solutions that go beyond standard hosting,
security, or network offerings. For the upcoming future, the company is investing on a digital platform where the customers can consume the learning content.

Spectrum Networks has emerged to be a pioneer in empowering organizations through its knowledge transfer services, professional services, consultancy services, and imparting IT training, by leveraging upon its inherent strength in excellent subject matter experts and customer support capabilities. Spectrum Networks aspires to share knowledge and make sure that learning reaches as many people as possible in a digital way.

Wards & Recognitions
• Multiple awards from Juniper Networks in the last 10 years
• Citrix Growth Partner of the Year 2018
• Multiple awards from RedHat for consecutive years 2018, 2019 & 2020

Atul Upadhyay, Head of Sales for Microsoft at Spectrum Networks shared with us some pointers regarding Spectrum Networks’ Microsoft business in India
“India was an early adopter of cloud owing largely to our Microsoft business. The Majority of the Training & Services we conduct with Microsoft today in India is around Microsoft Azure & Cloud. While we have been partnering with Microsoft in India for the past 12+ Years, in the last 4-5 years we have been primarily focusing on Cloud training & services.

Established in the year 2007, spectrum networks is composed of a highly experienced team of consultants, who works across all industrial sectors and bring in their independent vendor-agnostic advice

As of today, we have worked with most of the GSI (Global System Integrator) & Top MNCs who are based in India. The key differentiator for us is the expertise we have not just in Microsoft but also with other vendors like Citirx, Vmware, Redhat, and this gives us edge while executing the Consulting or Training services.”

Siddharth Mishra, Head of Networking & Security at Spectrum Networks pointed out some of key product and service offerings regarding the company’s Networking business in India
“Network & Security is an ever-changing landscape where we see customers adopting Cloud faster than ever. Remote Work and Working from Home has become the new normal because of the Covid pandemic. Additionally, the security concerns and how to enforce security measures has also changed.

We at Spectrum Networks have seen huge uptake in such projects in our services business. While Data Center, SD-WAN & Hyper Converged business continue to grow for us. We have strong expertise in Telco IP/MPLS core, BNG & Large Data center Fabric deployment. Over the years, Spectrum Networks has deployed the combined user base of more than 80 Million.”

“The it training and consultancy services of spectrum combine the corporate level knowledge with analysis of the clients’ business requirements to deliver solutions that go beyond standard hosting, security, or network offerings”

For Consulting Service
• Subisu Cable Net Pvt Ltd. Nepal Mr.Deepak Shreshtha Director
“Spectrum has been invaluable in consulting and implementation projects with us. I highly recommend Spectrum's services to anyone either looking to start a new business or take their existing business to the next level.”

• KCCL (Kerala Communicators Cable Limited) Mr. Suresh Kumar PP Managing Director
“It is more than just a stepping stone to get ahead, the Juniper training offered can literally allow a person to change career fields, effortlessly. And the staff helps all along the way. They have many locations and it is convenient to train from home as well. I have been to multiple Juniper training and I really enjoy the trainers.”

• Exclusive Networks Mr. Vaibhav Pandit Business Unit Head
"We would like to thank spectrum team for support over the years!! Spectrum is our preferred partner for our Training & implementation requirements. We always look forward for your support for training for our internal employees as well as training our customers as well. We would like you to continue the support in coming years as well, Thanks once again!!”

• Worldlink Communications Ltd. Mr. Kijush Maharjan Principal Network Engineer
“They have the best instructors to train on Juniper Networks and have been providing trainings and supportive assistance to our Technical team.”